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William is a primary school teacher. He was born in England and has lived in Hong Kong for more than ten years. His favourite character is Gran.

Jack is an illustrator. He was born in Hong Kong and is currently studying Fashion Communication at Central Saint Martins, London. His favourite character is Benson.

As a primary school English teacher, I was always frustrated that there were no storybooks on the market that met the needs of my students. The books that I found were always too hard or  too easy - and most of them were really boring!

I was looking for stories that were at an appropriate level of difficulty, with interesting characters and engaging storylines. I hoped that these stories would use the same target vocabulary as the textbooks that were used in my students’ English lessons, but in a natural and authentic way. I was also looking for books which included comprehension exercises - so that parents and teachers could check the progress of each and every child. 

Finally, I wanted to find books that came with an accompanying audio version – so that all children, no matter what their background was, could benefit from having the stories being read to them. After discovering that there was nothing like this on the market, I decided to create the Lee Family Series…

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