Audio Versions

Reading stories aloud to children, while they follow along in the book, is a great way for kids to develop their language skills. Sadly though, this is not always possible. Often parents are too busy or lack the necessary language ability to read to their own children.

The audio versions of all of our books are available below - free of charge - so that ALL of our readers can enjoy having the Lee Family Series read to them!

Level 1 Books

Book 1

Hello Everyone!

Book 2

Our Family

Book 3

In the Classroom

Book 5

The Painting

Book 6

Kitty's Letter

Book 7

Martin's Toys

Book 9

A Mouse in the House

Book 10

At the Zoo

Book 11

The Talent Show

Book 4

Pencil Case Surprise

Book 8

Stop! Thief!

Book 12

Ping's Day Out

Level 2 Books

Book 1

Martin's New Classmate

Book 2

Park Rules

Book 3

Feeling Bored

Book 4

Fruit Salad

Book 5

Going to the Restaurant

Book 6

Martin's Dream Job

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