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I am a mother of two.

My kids love these 12 books very much.

Kristy Wong, parent

(Hong Kong)

It's really easy for me to use these books in my lessons because every story focuses on a different language point.

Junior Sou, parent and owner of

Kiwik International children's bookshop(Hong Kong)

It is really hard to find a series of English readers that are written from Hong Kong children's perspectives. Highly recommended!

John Donald, teacher

(Hong Kong)

Benn Gilmour, parent

(Costa Rica)

Candy Wong, parent and teacher


John Rayner, parent and teacher


The stories are a good length and a good level for Japanese Elementary School kids.

A fantastic collection of stories, both captivating for the youngsters to keep them engaged and highly educational at the same time.

These stories offer plenty of discussion opportunities. They do much more than just focusing on the keywords.

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